The Journey


Farm: Salmon farm

Why: When doing my groceries my eye fell on the fish counter, I wanted that nice big piece of orange salmon. The price of salmon was only €7.99 per 500 gram! When the man behind the counter was weighing the fish, I asked him where the fish was from. He had no idea, “probably somewhere grown at an Norwegian farm’’. I was disappointed, it felt disrespectful to the farmers and many engaged people like me, who want to know the origin of their food. Time for action!


Farm: Urban Farming

Why: In my opinion, Sweden is always hip and happening… And yet again Sweden is trending with a project, urban farming. 

Based on urbanization trends, people want to live in the city and eat local. To feed the growing population, urban farms can be used to provide locally produced food. Awesome!


Farm: School for Life

Why: The school of life is looking for new ways to prepare children to a world full of challenges. The focus is on sustainability, not only environmental, but also personal, social, cultural, and economical. They produce as much as they can, to supply the restaurant and other markets searching for excellent healthy organic food. HOW COOL IS THAT!


Farm: Pigs

Why: Do Germans adore their Pork? why do I think of Pork when I think of traditional German food?! I’ve asked some german friends for some clarification and they have told me that “pig is a preferred animal, because it is such an efficient animal and German’s appreciate efficiency.”

HAHA, perfect, lets meet some Germans who love their pork!


Farm: Wine… Santé! 

Why: I love wine, especially biological wine, because I do not have a headache the day after! What is the difference between biological and regular wines? Wine producers face the challenge that there is no clear definition or regulation of what constitutes a “pure” or “natural” wine in France. However, many producers call their wines natural.. I love to check this out during my visit in France. 


Farm: Cheese

Why: I am, by any measure, a cheese person. Not just any fromage. I want the stuff I can’t get at home, the magic recipes, the sharp ones, the delicate ones that taste like little white flowers, or the stinky ones, that remind you of animal poo.

There are thousands of caves hidden in the hills of Spain, and for centuries they have been used to age cheese. I will find some people who share my passion for cheese. Let’s make some and taste some!

Italy Toscana

Farm: Biological Family farm

Why: When I think of Italy my heart starts to beat faster. Italians have one passion and that is FOOD. I want to check out some family businesses, live, love and laugh together and most important, eat together! Their aim to make the best product all grown on their own land. I would love to be inspired and share their way of working with you!

Italy Sicily

Farm: Fruits and vegetables 

Why: Organic farming is booming in Sicily, especially the Libera Terra cooperatives, a network of organic farms that reuses confiscated Mafia land. The thriving organic market has convinced locals that have moved to the big city to return home and try to make a success of their traditional way of living.