oktober 8, 2017

Sweat potatoes, garlic, goat cheese and red pepper served with dorada, lemon zest and thyme

Here is a recipe from my friends The Grape Hunters. Healthy, easy and of course we enjoyed it with plenty of 100% natural wine from their own land grown

  • Cut the sweet patatoes like french fries
  • Put in the oven on 200 celcius with olive oil, peper, pepper salt and a lot of garlic! For like 30 minutes
  • Finish with some goat cheese

mix all the flavours and colours together

For the Dorada

  • Fill the Dorada with lemon, salt, thyme and sprinkle with olive oil
  • In the oven on 175 degrees celcius for about 25 minutes (depends on the size ofcourse)

A very healthy, colourful and extremely taste full meal, prepared in about 10 minutes!

Stuff it with all herbs you like. For the skin some zest of the lemon and olive oil

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