Meet the host Anne Pekelharing

I am 28 year old and have 3 passions in life. Food, Cycling and traveling.

Why food?

Well I start, as I always do, rolling up my sleeves and learn, cook, create, read everything about food, I have to find new ways of doing things, it keeps me busy, my interests are endless, it makes me happy and satisfied. I graduated in 2013 at The business school Maastricht in Hospitality. Hereafter I started my own catering company, I teached and motivated young people with a distance to the labour market to make a little more sense to their lives by cooking. With my company I set up several companies in hospitality, for example the big start up project Adam tower, creating  3 restaurants, nightclub, loft and hotel into a empty building , working under pressure suits me well. I also managed the project ‘We feed the planet’ , Feeding the planet is the biggest challenge our generation has to face and in 2015 the world turned its eyes to EXPO 2015 in Milan for answers. EXPO 2015 intended to discuss the possible ways of feeding the planet, now and in the future however, the discussion was missing something critical: the voices of those who actually feed the planet. The ones of the young farmers, fishers and other young food producers from all over the world. After this project a new interest was emerged. But that’s just the beginning…

Why traveling?

I like starting something new from scratch which potentially having impact on society.

In this context traveling is also food: food for thought. I lived in Johannesburg and Milan, travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Central America and Asia. In short, traveling develops skills you didn’t know you had. For example I travelled in Thailand.  There I met people who are professional rock climbers and they invited me to join. For 5 weeks I climbed with these people all around Thailand.  I learnt that when I am out of my comfort zone I am challenged to be my best, and that is why I love to travel.

Life Cycle Stories

‘A trip about people, passion and food’


That story goes way back when I was a child, as far as I can remember I am busy with food, cooking, creating new dishes. For me food is more than just eating and drinking. Food is our engine, food connects people, everybody has their own specific taste and traditions, even food acts as a medicine, this are one of the reasons I am always busy with food: it inspires and belongs to life!

Nowadays my interest is moving towards more awareness for food and particularly the origin off it. We, who are lucky enough to have ample access food, do not realize the value of what good food and nutrition can bring us in our keeping ourselves fit and healthy.   We treat it as something that is of little value to us. If you know a little more about food, you probably will start to appreciate it much more. I think there’s a lack of awareness, we can actually make a huge impact by changing our food habits and our diets as a result of it.

I want to inspire people in a positive way, without judging people. This is the reason I would like to share ‘ The small inspirational ’ stories behind sustainable food production. In other words: during my journey keep my eyes open for true craftsmanship.

Learn, inspire and share on the spot …. “not all classrooms have four walls’



Life Cycle Stories is a road movies series from the North to the South of Europe.  All miles executed on a Dutch bike.  Along the way: people, interests, flavors, landscapes, traditions will change. Slow traveling, slow food.  During the road trip, I am meeting individuals who are living their lives and what to show me their up’s and down’s. I try to grasp the ideas of the average European on the topic of fair food. During my country travels, I want to be part of real farm work, gain in-depth and experience practical information and get to know the back ground of what drives people in their day to day living and eating..!  Furthermore, understand their thinking why they run a farm according the organic and sustainable principles. Not to serious, it must be fun to watch, inspire consumers and companies with stories in a positive way, what might help to become more aware of fair food


An adventure cycling trip through Europe, discover the stories and secrets of the local families and farms.  In collaboration with slowfood Europe and the young food movement, because they stand for honest food, craft, passion and producing of sustainable food. Posting on Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and the Life Cycle Stories Website. Create a buzz before the actual screening.