No bake chocolate cake from Enzo, Verona

Enzo is the Italian chef who creates the most incredible dishes with his simplicity. it’s al about the secret family recipes. Enzo cycled the whole world by him self and still is very curious to others stories. What a great evening we had. As I said before, this recipe is passed from generation to generation. The […]

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The famous and eternaly popular Spanish gazpacho, Adria Segunto

The famous and eternaly popular Spanish gazpacho, one of my favourite tasty and simple dishes from the rich Spanish food culture. (grandma’s recipe!) Simply take full-flavoured sun riped tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, onion, pepper with olive oil, salt, water, bread and wine vinegar. Blend it 4 Large tomatoes 1 small piece of white bread, soaked in water 1 small […]

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Sea Salt Sea Bream from Jan and Neus, Tarragona Spain

Seasonal, fresh, rustic and for sure colourful. Splashes off deep red paprika and honey eggplant. Spanish cooking is about food to share with everyone. It’s so tastfull, but not overcomplicated – the sea bream is cooked in sea salt, orata a sale. This is a must make!  Prepared by Jan and Neus Sea Bream 1 […]

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Fresh melon gazpacho from Pura, Toledo Spain

I met Pura just in a blink of a second. She invited me to her little colourful home in Toledo.  She has such a energetic  and open presence, she made me smile all the time.  We both love food, it made sense we met each other. Picture us eating something like this in her backyard on a […]

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Pan con Tomate and coconut coffee from Pamela, Madrid

This simple and very delicious dish, also known as pan con tomate. The Spanish  national breakfast.. Choose tomatoes that are ripe, organic and tasty. “The best technique is to scrub tomato directly onto the bread”, says Pamela. We also add some cia seeds and nutritional yeast sprinkles to start the day healthy as possible. The breakfast is […]

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Fried eggplant with honey from Sylvia, Soria

Arriving a a tiny dessert town in the north of Spain, called Ocenilla. Sylvia and Jorge cooked us a practically obligated  Spanish dish, a portion of berenjas fritas con miel decaña.  This recipe is even more special because it has a ‘grandma secret’…. make the batter wit beer. It turns out that your eggplant doesn’t get soaked […]

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