Vegan cold rice salad, all from the garden off Catarina, Sweden

This delicious cold rice salad has the great flavors of brown rice, fresh veggies, and chopped raw almonds. Catarina has an beautiful garden and grows so many veggies that we had an amazing vegan super salad. Actually you can add everything you like in this salad. The main ingredient is brown rice and that supposed […]

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Pizza dough from Janka and Mikael, Sweden

This is a very good recipe for a gluten free pizza dough, ‘super lekker’ way say in Dutch! 300 gr gluten free weet flower 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 sachet of vitamin C 5 gr of gist hot water from the tap knead all the ingredients till you have a well formed ball of dough, […]

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Lax (salmon) soup so easy, even Lena can make it! Sweden

Lena is not so into cooking and she find her self not such a succes in the kitchen. But this is a dish she actually likes, and she said, it is so easy ‘even I can make it!’ 400 gram salmon 1 spring onion 1 middle size carrot 1 can pealed tomatoes 1 dl vegetable bouillion 2,5 dl […]

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Ane’s strawberry pie, Muld Farm Denmark

The strawberry pie made by Ane from MULD. My favourite thing about this strawberry cake is its simplicity: it’s made with very few ingredients, and you can have it in the oven in under 15 minutes.  Serve it whit some whipped cream, lime crème fraice or just a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Also you […]

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Seafood gratin from Anders and Rebecca, Sweden

This is delicious and well worth the effort! Make sure the seafood is very fresh.  1. 2 tablespoons olive oil 2. 500 grams of shrimps 3. scallops as much if you want, you can also use mussels 4. A table spoon butter 5. 2 tablespoons of flower 6. 2 cups chicken broth 7. 3 shopped […]

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The delicious Kardemum Bulle from Malmö Sweden

Have a go at this delicious recipe, it does take some time, but go for it on a rainy Sunday. It’s a lot fun to make and you will be sooo happy eating this sweet piece of Swedish fika-heaven. Check out the video for some instruction as well. (you can also check the video of […]

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