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The Big Sibling Grand Plan

My life is defined by experiences. The greater the number of experiences, the better it gets. I find traveling is a great way to have the most varied kind of life experiences, learning about other people, and about yourself… The last few months, I have been learning so much about life in completely different cultures […]

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Pan con Tomate and coconut coffee from Pamela, Madrid

This simple and very delicious dish, also known as pan con tomate. The Spanish  national breakfast.. Choose tomatoes that are ripe, organic and tasty. “The best technique is to scrub tomato directly onto the bread”, says Pamela. We also add some cia seeds and nutritional yeast sprinkles to start the day healthy as possible. The breakfast is […]

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Fried eggplant with honey from Sylvia, Soria

Arriving a a tiny dessert town in the north of Spain, called Ocenilla. Sylvia and Jorge cooked us a practically obligated  Spanish dish, a portion of berenjas fritas con miel decaña.  This recipe is even more special because it has a ‘grandma secret’…. make the batter wit beer. It turns out that your eggplant doesn’t get soaked […]

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Patricia’s tortilla, Pamplona

The tortilla, the classic Spanish dish. It can be served hot or cold, we had it both. The next day we took the left overs cycling, and it taste actually even better! It is also a fantastic dish to finish all your’e ingredients. Its simply, tasty, so good for experimenting, but it must have crisp, fried […]

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The Sweet Sound of Silence

Experimentation is essential if you want to progress in life, well, that’s my theory anyway. So in this big experiment called Life Cycle Stories, I keep creating a lot of little experiments to keep me going and keep me motivated. This past week for example, was all about the three S’s; silence, sugar and slaughtering. […]

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